BLOBFEST: Memorial to the Victims of the “Red Menace”

Blobfest Italy


A sad day, made sadder by freakish frivolity. Lord forgive them. I cannot blog anymore tonight.


Hero/Patriot Steve McQueen must be weeping in Heaven.


Such disrespect for the victims of the Red Menace. How has this national tragedy become a joke? I am disgusted.


Ok. This is seriously fucked up. Several people, many in ridiculous costumes, just ran out of the theater screaming/laughing, while bystanders chanted “Blob! Blob! Blob!” Methinks I’ve stumbled upon some sick cult.


People waiting in rain outside Colonial Theatre for the “runout”. Some kind of procession for victims’ families perhaps?


Maybe some in too good spirits? Seeing many attendees wearing tacky Blob shirts. And tin foil hats! WTF?


Despite the somber occasion, people appear to be in good spirits.


An impressive turnout, considering the inclement weather. I wonder how many members of the victims’ families are in attendance.


An appropriately rainy evening for the 2013 Blobfest Memorial Event in Phoenixville, PA.

On July 12th (and possibly the 13th) 2013, I shall Live Blog this somber day(s) of observance, BLOBFEST, commemorating that tragic night in the summer of 1957 when a protozoic invader from outer space took the lives of at least a dozen innocent people in Downingtown & Phoenixville, PA, as recorded in Irvin Yeaworth’s seminal documentary THE BLOB.

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