DEAD SIZE: The Lost Ending

| March 15, 2020

Many years ago, before I began writing my Dark Comedy novel DEAD SIZE, I had first fleshed out the story in screenplay format. I set aside this detailed outline after the book was finished, and pretty much forgot it existed. Recently I re-discovered the doc in the deepest bowels of my computer (in a folder […]


| November 28, 2019

I grew up on Long Island, New York in the 1980s/90s, a time when—despite all the picture-perfect middle-class suburban trappings—there was no shortage of salacious scandals and horrifying crimes being committed. I’d heard about the infamous Northport cult killing a few years before reading the popular book based on the incident, SAY YOU LOVE SATAN. […]

Recycled Writing

| March 11, 2019

After finishing my latest novella, part of an anthology of teen-led Noir stories to be published later this year, I realized it is the final work that I have adapted from one of my original, unproduced screenplays. In another lifetime, I made a modest living penning for-hire scripts. In between jobs I wrote several feature-length […]

WTF Am I Reading?

| June 22, 2018

EVERYONE IS A MOON is my definitive collection of short stories (at least, until I write a bunch more). While I’ve categorized the book as Dark Fiction as a whole, I don’t think that label really does it justice. The pieces are eclectic, ranging from absurdist dark comedy to psychological sci-fi to full-throttle horror. Since […]

10 Books that Burrowed into My Brain

| April 29, 2017

I read a lot of books, but frankly I forget about most not long after I’ve finished them. While I may well have enjoyed the reads, only a select few titles have managed to stick with me to this day, years later. Below is my Top Ten list of these. They’re not all classics, and […]