KDPS Promo Results Reveal Surprising Revelation

| March 19, 2013

I recently scheduled a 5-day free promotion for my enovel DEAD SIZE on Amazon, one of the perks of enrolling in their KDP Select program (see my previous post for more details). For the uninitiated, the goal of the free promo period is to find new readers, encouraging those to download your book who wouldn’t […]

Judging Your Book by Its Cover

| February 27, 2013

Perhaps the single most important marketing tool for your book is its cover. An effective cover draws a person to want to learn more about your book; a poorly designed one can turn off a potential buyer before they even read your book’s description. The elements of an effective cover are: TITLE AND AUTHOR: The […]

Navigating Your Amazon Listing

| January 30, 2013

Whether you use an ebook distribution service like BookBaby, or submit your book directly to Amazon (which enables you to enroll in their KDPS program discussed in my prior post), knowing how to effectively compose your Amazon listing is crucial if you want to stand out from the thousands of other self-published titles on the […]


| January 10, 2013

For me, this was a good question. For the unaware, KDP Select is Amazon.com’s digital distribution program where an author can publish his/her ebook directly to Kindle, under the condition that Amazon has exclusivity in distributing said ebook for a 90-day period. (You can renew enrollment in the program for subsequent 90-day periods at your […]


| January 7, 2013

So the day I’ve been waiting for—the day I’ve been working for—has arrived. My debut novel DEAD SIZE is published! Out there for all the world (or at least some of it) to see and, I hope, enjoy. But first people have to know DEAD SIZE exists. They say that the writing is only half […]